Make Money Without Investments

Discover how to make money without deception: 5 IDEAS that do work

Surely it has happened to you as everyone when looking online how to make money, you fill the screen ads, pop-ups that promise to earn 300 euros in an hour, and others who assure you that you can be rich on the Internet without having special knowledge and from your house!

But is it true what they promise?

Unfortunately, and as the saying goes: not everything that shines is gold, and in this case, “easy money” is often nothing more than cheating.

So I set out to find, evaluate and try the real methods so that you also know how to earn money …

… with or without initial investment,
… with or without special knowledge,
… with or without time (free) to dedicate yourself to it.

In this blog, I’m going to talk only about methods that DO WORK. If I find someone who is a scam, I will say it very clearly. And if these do not allow you to earn more than 10 euros a month, dedicating an hour a day, I will also indicate it very clearly.

Here, in this article, I present you with 5 ideas to earn money. I have summarized them in the following categories to make it easier to find what you need.

Come on … there is for everyone, regardless of your personal situation, your age, your sex, or your money …

How to make money online

9 ideas that will pay for your Internet connection

Although there are many deceptions, it is possible to make money online. Let’s take a look at some methods that you might not have known.

1. Give your opinion and receive money for it: paid surveys

As the name says, this method consists of answering surveys or online interviews in exchange for money.

Normally, for each survey you make successfully, you will receive some points that you will accumulate and you can then exchange for money (usually via PayPal), checks, gifts or vouchers. You earn between 50 cents and 3 euros for each survey you answer, and that can take you up to 25 minutes. Obviously, you will not become rich just by answering surveys, but it is a way to get extra income per month.

These are some webs of paid surveys that better pay:

  • Toluna: An attractive interface with fun surveys. You can choose payment in cash (bank transfer) or with vouchers to use in different online stores.
  • i-Say: Another of my favorite survey pages. Wide variety of surveys and prize draws. Also on this page, you can receive payments via PayPal.
  • LifePoints: They conduct surveys online and also by phone (if you prefer). You can redeem the accumulated points for money via PayPal, or by vouchers to redeem in online stores or you can make donations (UNICEF). Available in Spain and in some Latin American countries.

For my Ecuadorian compatriots and all the other countries of Latin America, I am sorry I do not have direct links 🙁… But do not get angry you can also register 😉 only that you have to verify on the web that your country is available when you fill in your data.

For all:

  • Another website that I like a lot and that is available in several countries is Gift Hunter Club, you can earn money with surveys, watching videos, completing tasks, listening to the radio, etc … It also has a very cool interface!
  • In Clixsense before you could make money mainly by watching advertisements but now the most interesting sections are surveys (surveys) and tasks (tasks). This website is in English, but both the surveys and the tasks are in Spanish. If you are not comfortable with David Beckham’s language, you can always read this extensive SUPER Gustavo guide that explains all the details of Clixsense. Available from anywhere in the world.

2. Earn money every time … you spend it. That’s the cashback

The Cashback is simply the return of a part of the value of your purchases made online. For this, you have to sign up for a cashback website, for example, Beruby, and install the shopping bar in your Internet browser.

Then, when you make your purchase (there are more than 500 stores available), for example in Kiabi or Zalando, even when you make a booking at Booking; an amount will automatically be added to your balance in your Beruby account. The amount returned depends on the store where you make the purchase or where you book your trip, they can go from 3% to 30%.

Among the associated companies (for purchases and trips), you can find Fnac, Zalando, Telepizza, Kiabi,,, Disneyland, Iberia …

Today is your lucky day: Beruby is available in Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Chile ( register for free here ). Sign up and start benefiting from all the online purchases you make.🙂

3. Upload your videos on YouTube

Among the most famous Spanish Youtubers are elrubiusOMG or YellowMellowMG. These young people have made themselves known through their channels on YouTube.

The first known especially for making videos of gameplay and jokes has more than 16 million followers; and the second, due to its charisma and its variety of content, has more than 1 million followers. (number of followers at the time of writing this article)

Surely you already know that if you add advertising to these videos, half Youtube pays 1 euro for every 1000 views … and of course, you can get a really good income, as some people have already done. But this is not the only way to monetize your Youtube channel, there are others such as product promotion or affiliation.

Now, if making you laugh is not your strong point, do not worry. There are hundreds or even thousands of people who may be trying to make videos and generate traffic, with videos of makeup, hairstyles, cooking, marketing tips, dances, etc.

The good thing is that this can work from anywhere and you can go viral life wherever you live. Look at the enchafed: they are Ecuadorians, they have more than 12 million followers … almost the entire country.

To create an account on YouTube and start uploading your videos to make money online.😉

4. Become a podcaster

If your thing is not to put yourself in front of a camera, you may like this idea more: be ” podcaster “

The main advantage of podcasting is that they can be listened to anytime and anywhere, that is why they are becoming more and more successful.

Like YouTube channels, there are many thematics in the world of podcasts. And the cost to start can be from zero euros to what you want to spend on a more professional material. The most important thing if you decide to create podcasts is the choice of the theme because that way you will create your community.

Now I explain how to make money being a podcaster, with advertisers who want to promote you on your podcast and also talking about your own products or services. Therefore, the more specialized the subject is, the more potential clients you will have among your listeners.

5. Become an influencer on Instagram

As you already know, Instagram is a social network that has the most users. Do you also have an account? Do you want to know how to make money with this application?

Before answering, you have to know that there is a condition: have a large number of followers in your account.

There are different ways to earn money on Instagram but one of the best known is sponsored publications, brands will pay you to post a photo with one of their products. These publications can also be videos or stories.

Among other things, the prices of the publications will depend on the number of followers you have. But to give you an idea you can earn from one hundred euros to figures of 5 zeros!


As you can see, there are many tricks to earn extra money per month. This has been just a beginning, I will go on to tell you in detail the methods I have found so that you can increase your monthly income, all tested and verified. In the following articles that I will publish in this blog, I will teach you how to earn money, how to save and how to invest money.

If you have discovered new ways to make extra euros and get to the end of the month, then do not hesitate to share this article with your friends.

Do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions 🙂

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