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It’s easy to start a blog. Attract readers, not so much. In the blogs I audited, some cases came a moment of great sincerity in which I usually listen: “The truth is that I think nobody reads my blog “.

As the author of a blog, the fear of not being read is probably one of the most common. But when the statistics arrive and show you that your fears are coming true, you always have a hard time. Perhaps this explains why the rate of abandonment of blogs is so high in novice bloggers.

And far from responding with topics of the type …

  • Improve your content
  • Post more often
  • Learn SEO
  • Network with more influential bloggers
  • Redesign your blog

… I usually find a deeper problem and previous to all mentioned: In 99% of cases, if you do not achieve about 100 visits a day in a few months is that something goes wrong in the approach of the blog itself.

You publish what you want to say, instead of thinking for a few seconds about what people might want to read

If you talk about a topic that interests a lot of people, even if you do everything wrong, you will receive many visits. The opposite also applies. You can do everything right, but if you talk about a personal issue that only interests you and your mother, I’m afraid you will not receive many visits.

How to prevent anyone from reading my blog?

And now that you have operated, I prescribe a good cure to listen attentively to your readers.

Acts on the feedbacks that your readers give you

I refer to the comments and requests that come to you by email from the blog.

Take some time to investigate more the needs of your readers, contact these people, offer them half an hour of your time to understand their context and their problems.

Write down ideas as they come up in the conversations. Do it systematically for a couple of months.

Describe your ideal reader beyond the socio-demographic data

Start with socio-demographic data is fine.

Age, sex, marital status, location, purchasing power.

Ok, it’s necessary but it’s not enough.

You have to go further and look for what unites you with your ideal reader.

What are your interests and passions?

  • How your money is spent
  • Passions – Leisure
  • The magazines that he reads
  • The clothes that are bought
  • Your favorite movies
  • Your favorite book
  • The TV shows that follow – if you see it yet
  • Etc…

What are their values?

Federated values unite people.

  • The job
  • Transparency
  • Freedom
  • Etc.

They are a cement much stronger than any other element and go beyond issues of age, location or professional activity.

Also, come closer to your dreams and desires.

On the Internet, it is the values ​​and dreams that unite people, because people do not see themselves and do not have “a priori”.

OK, and what to do with all this data?

Then take an A4 sheet and write a detailed description of your ideal reader.

Explain how you feel about your context and what your goals are.

What problems have you got?

Finish the exercise by putting a name and looking for a picture on the Internet.


Face it.

And from today I want to stop writing for a diffuse mass called “my readers”.

No, I want you to talk to Raúl or María – your ideal reader – in each and every one of your posts.

As 2 lifelong friends having a coffee in a cafeteria.

Point out ideas from posts that can only succeed

The normal thing when you implement this active listening mechanism in your blog is that you find patterns that repeat themselves.

Patterns that should become the editorial pillars of your blog.

Solve the doubts of your readers as best you can.

There’s no more.

Rent an audience if you do not have it

Review the most prominent blogs in your niche, listen to conversations on Twitter, get lost in the forums closest to your topics, become a member of a thematic vertical virtual community, etc …

Focus on the doubts of the people, on what they ask. You will discover that when you listen, the topics that you can deal with in your blog are endless.

You can also sign up for Hangouts or webinars given by your competitors or in the many events that may be in your city. The idea is to thoroughly analyze the turn of the questions.

Do you apply it right now?

Now that you have the right mindset, get down to work. I guarantee that in less than 3 months you will have these 100 visits/day that you crave. And from there you can work more thoroughly on the traffic generation tactics and start talking about conversions.

Yes, I mean transforming readers into customers. That’s what it’s about, right?

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