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Earn money by writing

Are you creative and good at writing? then making money with writing may be something for you!

The most used ways in which in 2019 a lot of money is earned every day. You can write books, blog and create content or write for websites.

Register directly on one of these websites and earn money by writing:

Earn money by writing

Making money with writing is easy if you are good at writing. For example, you can register yourself at different text agencies. You can write stories, improve texts, write E-books or write articles.

How do you earn money by writing?

You can earn money by writing in various ways. You can sell your own written texts. You can also place written texts on a website with advertisements (such as Google Adsense ) or affiliate marketing.
You can also publish a book yourself, but you will need capital for this. You can of course also find an investor who invests in your ideas.

Make money with Blogging

Blogging is a method that is often used at this time.
The best thing about blogging is that you can write a blog about what you want. For example, a topic that you like to write about. So choose a subject that you have a lot to say about.

What is also nice about a weblog is that it is found by itself in the Google search network if you have good content on your blog page. The great thing about a blog or website is that you can also advertise on social media such as Facebook or Instagram.

How do you make money blogging?

Also with blogging, you have different ways how you can earn money. You can choose to use Google Adsense, rent out Advertising space, do Affiliate marketing between your blog or write reviews about products.

Conclusion: Writing for money is a good way to make money

Provided you are creative and can write easily, it is a good way. You can earn tens to hundreds of euros per day with it. Depends entirely on the content you write and how many words you write…


  • Register with all websites.
  • Write as many texts as possible.
  • Promote your blog via social media.
  • Write about interesting topics.

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