How to edit a PDF file: the best free and paid tools for this task

Surely you have asked yourself on more than one occasion how to edit a PDF. It is a somewhat more complicated task than it may seem at first, so we are going to give you various alternatives and programs with the best options so that you can fulfill this task.

The PDF files are very useful for exchanging files you do not want to suffer changes, although sometimes it is inevitable to make any changes in certain aspects, highlighting elements or adding notes for later execution.

Options to edit PDF files

Logically, the main option is to use Acrobat, but it is a payment program, something that you may not be willing to do if it is only a punctual edition.

Even so, if you work often with PDF, you should know the options you have in this aspect, with the subscription to Acrobat Stander DC for € 15.72 per month or Acrobat Pro DC for € 18.14 per month. Thus, you will manage the program with ease, being able to create and edit content with ease.

Not forgetting other programs, also paid, such as Nuance Power PDF 2, NitroPro 11 or Foxit PhantomPDF, with prices ranging between € 109 and € 159 depending on the application and its functionalities, to mention just a few examples. All of them are more than valid options if you are looking for a more professional or elaborate edition of documents.

But if you only need sporadic use, there are alternatives that can be useful when editing a PDF document; both online and through desktop applications.

It is true that the most advanced functions of the program are only found in paid editors. But if you only need to edit PDF for occasional retouching, there are several alternatives.

Edit a PDF online … and for free

Among the most recurrent options, we find the possibility of several online PDF editors, to which we can quickly access from our browser. Basically, they consist of pages in which to load the corresponding file, and the web gives us access to a basic edition, but probably according to what we need.

This is the case, for example, PDF2Go, an editing tool that allows us to zoom in or out, change the color, the font and make changes in the text. A very practical option that will help you out of more than one hurry.

Something similar happens with SmallPDF, which also has extensions for browsers such as Chrome so that its use is recurrent and we have it always at hand. It is easy to use and requires neither installation nor registration. Ideal for punctual handling.

These are just two of the great options available to edit PDF from the browser in a quick and easy way. Just a quick visit to Google to access more options that may suit your needs, but both PDF2Go and SmallPDF are the most complete pages in that regard.

If you prefer, there are also specific programs that you can download to your desktop and have them on hand whenever necessary.

The Apower PDF editor – which also has an online version – can add graphics details, texts or images in a simple and intuitive way, although it is somewhat limited if you want to modify or eliminate watermarks. PDFescape is another great alternative, with a version for Windows desktop and free online, according to consumer tastes.

Another excellent option to edit texts, rewrite and give another format is PDF-XChange Editor, which has a free version with 85% of its features and functions; and another payment, which also allows you to create and edit refillable forms.

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