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How to make money on your site using advertising. part 1

Those who make money on their website fall into two main categories. The first category includes those who already have a website and they want to receive income from it in order to at least somehow recoup the costs of maintaining it and, possibly, to make a profit. And the second category includes people who create a site exclusively for earnings. The first category has sites with interesting content targeted at a specific group of Internet users. The second category does not reflect on the quality of the content. Any popular topic is chosen, 10-12 pages are filled in (or even less), and then there is an artificial attraction of users. Such sites, most often, are hosted on free hosting with a second-level domain.

It should be said that both options work. But in the first case, the people themselves come to the site. You only need to engage in the qualitative growth of your resource. In the second, if you cease to constantly engage in attracting visitors to your site, then stop making money. No visits – no profit. The popularity of the site is directly proportional to the number of visitors and your income will depend directly on the number of visits. But you should not chase potential visitors, they should come to you. And for this we need to seriously approach the creation of the site. As in any business, you need to invest money. Creating an interesting and useful site for people (SOM is a very common wording on the Internet), you make long-term investments that will allow you to have a decent income for a long time.

One of the available types of earnings is advertising on your website. For this, it is necessary that the site be fully functional, with interesting and unique content and meet the requirements of advertisers or their intermediaries. Next on some common types of advertising on the Internet.

Banner advertising

Banner advertising is the oldest form of advertising on the Internet. When there were no advertising services and exchanges yet – the resource owners directly agreed to place their banner on another site for a fee, which helped to attract the flow of visitors to the advertised site. This is happening today. You can search for advertisers yourself and offer them your services; you can wait for the advertisers to contact you. If you have a well-advertised project and a suitable subject for the advertiser, then there are those who wish to place their banner. The cost of displaying a banner for an agreed period is determined by agreement between the parties. The process is not one of the easiest, but with the advent of banner exchanges, the process of finding a suitable resource or advertiser for your site has become much simpler. Just register on the banner exchange and, if your site meets the specified requirements, then you will receive a notification about the registration of your resource in the exchange catalog. It remains to wait for proposals. When registering, carefully review the terms of cooperation with the exchange.

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