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How to make money on your site using advertising. Part 2

and against the background of the constant development of the Internet, there is an increasing interest in online advertising. Internet advertising is very effective and has several advantages over conventional advertising. Along with the ancient types of online advertising, such as banner, which has already been written about, other directions are also developing successfully. Next, you will get acquainted with contextual and tezernoy advertisements, which are considered one of the fastest growing types of advertising.

contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is one of the advanced types of advertising on the Internet. Most often located in blocks of several links with the address and a brief description of the site. Earnings on contextual advertising is very common and not difficult. Choose a company (contextual advertising service) and register. After that, prepare a place on your site where the block with advertising links will be placed. On many servers it is possible to optimize the appearance and size of ads for your site. The service of contextual advertising scans the content of the page of your site and shows on it an advertisement similar to the subject of the page. As the user has moved to your site on a specific request, such thematic advertising is more likely to be interesting to him. The higher your site traffic, the more likely to get the maximum possible number of clicks on advertising. Earnings scheme is simple. You receive money if a visitor to your site has moved to the advertised site using one of the links on your resource. Price per click on advertising is different. The most expensive are the clicks made on advertising banking, financial subjects, as well as real estate.

Teaser advertising

Another type of advertising with which you can earn on your site. Teaser networks are gaining momentum and more and more webmasters choose them for earnings. Teaser advertising has been used for a long time, and on the Internet it has acquired a slightly modified look, retaining the common essence. The advertisement looks like a small picture with an accompanying short text. The concept of “teaser” comes from the English word “teaser” – lure, teaser. It turns out enticing (teasing) advertising, which corresponds to reality. Teaser advertising is a kind of psychological device to stimulate interest and create intrigue around something. Most often, the teaser is news character. The heading in such advertising is always intriguing and catchy, encouraging a person to involuntarily click to find out what is written next. It must be said that it works. Although the basic information is often not as entertaining as the headline – quite a lot of clicks are made on teaser ads. When placing ads on your website, you can install filters so that information of unwanted content is not displayed. Most advertising is placed in blocks with several links in each. In order to start earning, you must select a reliable and appropriate for your level teaser network.

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