The price of .org, .info and .biz domains could skyrocket next month

On the Internet, there are several domains that web pages can choose from, being .com (abbreviated as commercial) the most used for convenience and for being one of the first to register. In total there are around 140 million registered web pages that use this domain, but there are also other very popular ones like .org, .info or .biz, whose price will go up almost certainly.

The .org, .info and .biz domains could see their prices soar

Currently, the price of .org domains is limited, as it is used by many non-profit organizations, as well as charitable associations. However, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), in charge of supervising Internet domains, wants to allow the companies that sell them to establish the prices themselves.

This has not been slow to raise a lot of complaints among Internet users since the prices of the domains could skyrocket. The reason they use to remove the limit is that these limits were established decades ago when there were only a few of these domains to choose from. Currently, there are more than 1,200 domains, and none of the new ones that are emerging are subject to price restrictions.

One of the main critics of the elimination of the limit, along with others, has been Namecheap, one of the most popular domain registrars in the network. From the company, they warn that this could generate that someone had to pay 10 times more per year to renew a domain than what they are currently paying, and many would be forced to do it because changing domain generates many complications so that They would have more choice than to pay.

Before making a decision, ICANN launched a consultation last March, and it will end on April 29, which already has thousands of comments. For two weeks they will evaluate the comments received, and on May 13 they will make a decision on whether they eliminate the price limit or not. Most of the comments they are receiving are negative with respect to the change. The fact that the prices of these domains soared could cause problems such as well-established pages, such as Wikipedia, lose their main domain and have to change to another, may lose visits and confuse users.

Well-known websites with .org domains could disappear

The domain .org is currently the seventh most used of the Internet, with 10.4 million websites using it, according to March 2017 figures. If we eliminate regional websites, it is the third most used worldwide, just behind. com (with 139 million) and .net (with 15.3 million). It is not surprising that the company that runs the .com, Verisign domains, rose 16% on the stock market after announcing in November that it would raise the price of .com domains by 7% per year until the year 2024 when the contract expires. with ICANN.

The price of .org increases by 10% per year as provided by the Public Interest Registry (PIR), which manages them at present. Although it increases a lot each year, at least it does so in a stable, predictable way, and with a fairly low price.

ICANN, in spite of 400 employees, does not have any economist among its ranks, even though they have been asking for it for more than a decade. Therefore, this price increase has no study or economic foundation behind.

Other domains that would be affected by this are .info and .biz. The domain .info is used for informative websites. The .biz domain was initially thought for business and alleviated the high load that .com received. The price of .com domains is also limited, and you can currently get one for about 10 dollars a year. A .org costs around 12 dollars , while a .biz can cost 5 dollars , for the 2 dollars of an .info.

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