Tricks, tips, and shortcuts for the mouse that you may not know

We spend hours in front of the computer and many times, we mechanize our actions taking for granted that there is no more. But it is enough to dig a little to know that there are small tricks or tips that can make our lives easier. The mouse hides many secrets in its use that, perhaps, you do not know.

That is why then we will collect a few tricks and shortcuts that you can do with any mouse on any PC and that are intended to make your life in front of the screen a little easier when surfing the Internet. Stay tuned to the following tips, which surely are very useful.

The button of the wheel or central click

You may not have stopped to think that the roulette between the two buttons is also one. If we click, we can access many functions that we probably do not know when surfing the Internet.

It’s not just for scrolling on the webs. For example, if you click on a link in a web, it will open a new tab directly to avoid using the pop-up menu and the option “open in a new tab”. This way you can navigate in a more intuitive way. Another option is to do it by pressing Ctrl + left click. OR capital letters + left click if what we want is to open a new window.

In most browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, pressing the central click on a tab will close, removing the need to press X. As you can see, the wheel is more useful than it might seem at first.

Of course, although it is a better-known function, if you press it you can move around any web in a more natural way, thus avoiding having to turn the wheel. If you press Ctrl and then rotate the wheel, you can zoom in and zoom out on any page.

Some mice also have the ability to press the wheel to the right or to the left, which allows you to move forward or backward in the browser comfortably.

Triple Click

Surely you know that the double click of the mouse has several uses. Among them, to mark a word within a paragraph, ideal when copying content. But one aspect that can facilitate this option is to press three times on the left button, as it will automatically select a full paragraph. If you keep the key pressed Shift at the beginning of the paragraph you will also select the full text.

Maximize with double click

For greater speed when maximizing a window, if you double click on the left button in the top title bar, your window will be maximized or minimized immediately. A small shortcut for not looking for the corresponding button if we have several windows open.

Of course, mice offer numerous shortcuts depending on the type of program or application that we are using. These tips and small tricks are intended, mainly, to facilitate navigation on the Internet.

Increase the possibilities by adding gestures to the mouse

Browsers like the aforementioned Chrome or Firefox have extensions that complement and improve the functions included by default.

There are several possibilities to add gestures to mice and quickly access functions with which we will not even need the keyboard or navigate menus. In Chrome, for example, we found SmartUp Gestures, which allows us, for example, to access Gmail by simply drawing a letter G on the mouse. Or draw a vertical line to reload the page. Gestures that can be configured at will from the menu of the application, in order to improve our productivity and performance. In the Chrome Web Store, you can find several similar applications that allow similar functions. Mouse Gesture is another example.

If you use Mozilla Firefox you also have extensions with the same purpose, such as Mouse Gesture Events, which allows us to add mouse gestures to navigate dynamically and effectively, adding customizable content not only through gestures but also on mouse buttons.

The Magic Mouse of Apple also has its shortcuts

Apple’s mouse for its systems stands out for its elegant design and revolutionary functions. It’s Multi-Touch surface allows you to perform simple gestures such as moving from one web page to another and moving around your documents.

In addition, the Magic Mouse gestures are fully customizable from the System Preferences. With the necessary subtlety and without having to press any buttons, we can perform the usual actions of any mouse, but the Cupertino company peripheral also has its own shortcuts.

For example, by sliding the two fingers that we usually use to the left or right, we can change the desktop or navigate between apps. Sliding only one will move between the previous or next pages. There are also other functions, such as pressing twice with two fingers to open Mission Control. Or press twice with one finger to zoom in files or PDF. Apple takes care of the small details and the ease of their mouse shortcuts are a good example.

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