What are the best websites to invest in the stock market?

If you are thinking of investing in the stock market and you have doubts, we will try to put an end to them through our recommendations on the best web pages to invest our money and be fully informed of what happens with it and with the actions in which we have bet simple and without complications.

Therefore, below we will make a list of the best web pages to consult everything related to the stock market and to be able to trade with your shares in a fast and direct way.

Earning Whispers

Earning Whispers is one of the best options to access the forecasts and consensus of the market to facilitate our investments. This website publishes the results to obtain benefit per share data. It stands out for including a calendar with forecasts of what is going to happen and predictions of what is expected for each company.


Finviz is a tool designed specifically for professional traders and thus filter the actions that are most active. It allows us to access the main indicators of the stock market and its graphs, such as the DOW, NASDAQ, S & P 500, with information that is updated every ten minutes. Essential to determine our next stock market movements.


It is a paid website (although sometimes they launch promotions in which it is free temporarily) but MarketSmith is an appropriate choice to proceed in the market. The web is designed to do deep stock research, with all the necessary tools to find stocks, their potential, and decide when to buy and sell profitably.


As its name indicates, in Shorts Squeeze we will find the necessary information for short positions. It is a known movement in the stock market that tries to force those who hold low positions to close their positions. In this web-for payment-we will find all the necessary data to know how to deal with this type of operations.

Seeking Alpha

On this website, Seeking Alpha , we will find information of a public nature to be used in the financial markets. There is documentation of all kinds that cover several actions, such as investment strategies, asset classes or listed funds. An essential visit to know all the steps that lead us to plan a market strategy.


Betterment is a website in which we find many automated mechanisms, ideal for those who want to invest in stock without having excessively deep knowledge. Its accessibility makes it an option for any type of user. In addition to offering personalized advice, the portal itself invests your money in a diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds.


A good option also if you want to start, since it is an accessible and free website. Feex allows you to reduce hidden fees and expenses, ideal measures to try to increase money by saving for the future. As a negative point, perhaps, is that it has no mobile app and can only be used from a web browser.


At Wealthsimple we can deal with real people when it comes to investing. Even before joining you there has to be a prior consent. A deep option for all those who want to know the reality of the stock market without any taboos due to the transparency they promise and offer. A different website where you will bet if you have been wandering around in different places for a few years.


Acorns allow us to invest our money wisely. Each share is automatically diversified into 7,000 shares and bonds to reduce risk and try to increase returns. An ideal option also for those who want to start, which also has an app for ios and Android.


Social networks also have their place when putting our money in the stock market. Stocktwits is the social medium most used by investors and merchants, where we can know all the information and rumors about the state of the different actions in which our money can be used. It has an app for iOS and Android.

Finally, if we talk about the stock market, we also recommend you follow the profile on Instagram of Javier Sanz, where every day you will find advice on the most interesting actions, and of those that know little, which are good to invest and much more through Your Stories.

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