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Who are referrals and referrers?

Users who have come to any project and registered on your referral link are called referrals. And you will receive a certain percentage of the earnings of these people. The referrals themselves from such a scheme do not lose anything. Referral interest is paid from the difference of the amount spent by advertisers and paid to users. You, in relation to these people, will be the referrer.

Some from the first days begin to build their referral network. This process is not quite easy. It all depends on your desire and penetration ability. Some recruited a dozen referrals, others a few dozen, and there are those who can attract several thousand people on their referral links. Beginners are encouraged to attract referrals by free methods in order not to lose money. Later, when you analyze the work of attracted referrals and gain experience, you can proceed to paid methods of attraction.

The easiest way to attract – to tell your friends about your work on the Internet. But, it is unlikely that there will be at least a hundred friends. And not all of them will be interested in this kind of earnings on the Internet. Therefore, other methods are used.

Referral links can be placed in thematic blogs, forums, on bulletin boards. Advertising of links in surfing, letters, tasks placed on mail sponsors is also practiced . Good results are brought by attraction of referrals through social networks. In addition, to search for referrals, you can use the services like, where people ask how to make money on the Internet. In the responses it is forbidden to post your referral links, but you can write a letter to such a user, where to describe the meaning of earnings and leave your link. Almost all projects to attract referrals are not allowed to use spam.

In postal sponsors , in most cases, referrers return to the referrals a portion of the profits earned from them. This is called refbek. Typically, referrers are not greedy and give up to 80% -90%. Refback is added automatically to the basic cost of the click. To avoid deception of referrals, promising them a high return, and after registering to reduce it, on many clicks sponsors, the initially established refback cannot be reduced. On some mail sponsors, where refbek is not provided, referrals are encouraged by bonuses, which are set by the referrer. And there are services that combine refback with bonuses.

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