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Work on the Internet for beginners and online part-time work without investment

Hello, dear readers of the blog Today I want to talk about online work on the Internet. This occupation has an even more beautiful name – online marketing, but it is too scary, so we use the old, kind and understandable term for everyone – work.

Probably the most frequent and main question on this topic – where to start? How to approach this all? Which side? In fact, the question is extremely difficult and you will have to finish reading this publication to the end so that you have a more or less intelligent look at the problems of online employment in your head.

Well, actually, at first, maybe it would be even better to combine online and offline work, but in any case, it will require decent time and effort from you. Sometimes you have to decide and quit offline work, for otherwise it is impossible to find time. But this is a very radical option and I would recommend you not to “throw yourself into the pool with your head”.

Again, the main question – where to start? Unfortunately, to answer it is almost impossible. Even if I became you for a while, it would still make little sense, because for complete clarity you will need to look into the future to see if the chosen path leads to the desired results.

No, really, I’m not drawing. Any undertaking is a risk. For example, of all startups being opened in the world, only 20% lead to a result that, at least to some extent, can be called a success. Another thing is that the inability to guarantee the result does not mean that I can not give a few simple tips to improve the chances of success.

Where do I work in the network, what to do? The first thing to do is to find out and identify for yourself the main directions that other people use to earn money on the network, i.e. rely on someone else’s experience. On the one hand, it gives some chances to repeat the success of others, on the other – all others who want to start working online go the same way. Competition, however.

Nevertheless, I will list these very basic areas of effort.

Content projects – work for many years

Content projects – website creation; blog; public in VK, Instagram, Facebook; channel on YouTube and something else, where you will periodically publish interesting, entertaining, educational and any other content ( what is it? ) – articles, posts, videos, podcasts, pictures, and anything, as long as it’s in demand.

The word “project” means that this is a long-term perspective, giving you the opportunity to feed on such online work for a long time. At the same time, this word suggests that quick results should not be expected here. Promotion of such projects takes time (many months and even years) before they allow you to earn a lot on the Internet.

Content project can be compared with the opening of a new channel on television. For the first year or two he will have few promotional offers (they will mostly promote themselves, advertising their own broadcast network), but then, if successful, there will be no problems with earnings. The main thing is to give out high-quality and popular content to visitors.

I, as you can see, went precisely along this path – I created a content project in the form of a website (blog) and this became, over time, my main occupation, bringing money.

Who pays money for such work ? Here you are your own employer and you are free to choose your own ways to monetize your project:

  • Advertisers – any promoted project has all the chances to receive money from advertising on it. These can be direct advertisers posting banners, links or entire posts. And it can also be some large advertising network, for example, Google Adsense, with the help of which many sites and YouTube channels are monetized. As I said, the content project is a job for many years. And therefore, at the very beginning of the journey, you will have to work practically for the way that the project has at least minimal popularity. Therefore, it will be possible either to look for advertisers yourself, or they will find you themselves (I am following the second path).
  • Owners of goods – I mean direct sales of some goods, consonant with the theme of your content project. These can be your products (many projects are created just for this, for example, online stores), or someone else’s, which you sell at a percentage of the profits (for example, CPA affiliates , where you choose the products that match the topic).

What is the direction of possible content projects to choose? Create a website or open a channel on YouTube? Who knows? You can not go on well with the site, but it’s fine to do things on YouTube. Or maybe the other way around. Or nothing will burn out at all, but the public will shoot in VC or Instagram. Who can calculate the probability lines?

One thing is clear – you should not throw everything at once. From experience I will say that you can overstrain. At first, it will seem like nothing, work as work and you can handle it. But the fuse must be counted on for many years and you should not drive yourself at the very start. If you choose a site, then work on it. Do not create a dozen of them – do not pull. Chose YouTube – focus on the promotion of one channel.

Each area will have to study in detail. Website promotion is one thing, promotion of a public is completely different, promotion of a YouTube is third. In fact, each area is a small scientific discipline with its own laws, rules and nuances.

Online sales and info products

Generally, strictly speaking, any work on the Internet is in any way related to sales, albeit sometimes not directly, but indirectly, as happens in the case of content projects, which were discussed above.

In order for you to get money from the Internet, you need someone to spend it there. Many beginners think that the Internet is something magically incomprehensible, where money exists as a “spherical horse in a vacuum.” But the Internet is the same life , and for you to get money, you need someone to spend it there.

You can sell online as their products, and strangers. Your products are simply the realization of another (or only) sales channel on the Internet. For example, through the creation of an online store, or by creating advertising companies in all possible forms on the network (context, targeting, arbitration, banners, social networks, and much more).

Foreign goods are sold, as a rule, by the so-called affiliate programs. There is a product (material or virtual) and for its sale you will receive either a fixed profit, or a percentage of its value.

For example, someone has an online store and he needs sales. At the same time, you begin to study advertising (you are thoroughly versed in some kind of traffic) and enter into a cooperation agreement with it (most often it will be enough to register with their affiliate program). You are engaged in sales, but in fact you have no goods as such.

As you probably already understood, work on the sale of goods and online work on creating content projects can intersect strongly. You can sell goods not by arbitrating traffic (by buying advertising and draining traffic to the affiliate), but by using the audience of your existing projects (for example, the same Instagram can be used as a shop window ) if there is a target audience for them.

The result is an excellent online job, but it is important to get the required amount of knowledge (about arbitration) in advance and find the right partner with the right products. Again, as you can see, things are not as fast as we would like.

Info-business – selling information or educational content (in the format of books, video courses, coaching (what is this?) , Paid seminars, courses, etc.). Under the link you will find a detailed article on this topic. Here I will say briefly.

Infobusiness is a very extensive and worthy field for the application of their efforts. In essence, this is an online job associated with selling your knowledge. There is a basic scheme for building an information business (described in detail in the article) and its various variations applicable to different types of content projects that are being created for this business.

Yes, here again, without content projects can not do. I advise you to pay attention to this, because having a content project as a basis, you already have the opportunity to choose what to work with (what to earn). Here and advertising, and sales, and infobusiness. Not the fact that you need to use everything, but there will be much more room for maneuver.

Returning to the question – how to start working on the Internet ? First of all, you need to listen to yourself – what do you want. Is sales yours? If so, do an online store. Buy goods if you have money, or work on dropship , although it is not so great with all the advantages of this scheme.

Whatever you choose, first of all listen to yourself – is this yours at all? Do you want to do this for a long time? Maybe, after all, there are doubts about sales and you as a salesman (like mine, for example)?

Then maybe there is a topic that you would like to cover? An excellent reason to create an information resource (website, public, channel). After all, online work only in that case will be successful if it brings you joy and pleasure. Doing it from the stick for a long time will not come out anyway, or it will be bad. From this you need to catch the buzz.

The main thing is to find an interesting direction for you, and there, if everything goes as it should, the Internet itself will show you where you will go or money can go (how all your labors will be monetized). That is, first listen to yourself and decide which way to go.

Ability to work with traffic = high-paying job

If you can not decide in which direction to go in terms of creating a content project, you can try to consider options for working on the Internet as if from the other side. Try first to explore the main sources of traffic ( what is traffic ), i.e. understand how and from where it is possible to attract users on the Internet, so that they buy something along the way, and you earn it.

Any work and earnings in the network are associated with traffic (the flow of people). This is like in the real world. A stall with goods or books should be placed in a public place where there is traffic (passers-by). On the Internet, passers-by are called visitors, but this does not change the essence.

All network workers need visitors (traffic, traffic, flow of visitors). Without them, there will be no sales, there will be no money for advertising, there will be no direct advertisers, there will be nothing. And what kind of work is this without money. Any work must be paid.

What is this all about? Well, not everyone is given, and not everyone likes to open and maintain content projects or create information products. To do this, you still need a certain character warehouse. Someone will prefer to work with traffic without burdening themselves with the burden of creating content.

And this is also a great option that gives a guarantee that you will not be without work. To do this, however, will again have to spend a lot of time studying the sources of traffic and the choice of those in which you want to become a pro. At the same time, every single source of traffic is a small science.

What kind of traffic sources can they earn ? Oh, there are a lot of them:

  1. Search engines (organic traffic) – for site owners this is the most important source of visitors. But not all webmasters know how to use it. If you become a good (and even better – cool) CEO-person ( what is a CEO? ), Then you will be overwhelmed with work on the Internet because of the “I can’t”. Even I often receive such offers, although I do not provide such services at all (to each his own, and this “his” takes all the time).
  2. Contextual advertising – in RuNet it is primarily Adwords and Direct, i.e. advertising in search engines and websites (this is Adsense and YAN). The competition there is now so high that the newcomer is practically unable to invest money in context in order to gain from this enterprise.
  3. If you are a pro, then you will not be able to get rid of orders again. There is also a variant of work, when you can buy traffic from context to affiliate programs in order to get more out of what you have invested in (get out of plus what is called). In essence, this is a kind of traffic arbitration.
  4. Teasers are a less lethal alternative to contextual advertising, but in some cases work fine. Again, in order not to waste all the money, teaser advertising requires knowledge and experience (and not a little). If you have one, you can then apply it, working on arbitration or freelancing.
  5. Targeting in social networks is advertising opportunities built into various social networks. It can be very subtly targeted (to target the display of advertising) only at the desired audience. Not everyone can do it, but those who can do it aren’t sitting for a long time looking for work.
  6. Advertising in social networks – I mean the work on finding suitable groups, public tables and channels in order to place on them the advertisement you need on a contractual basis with their owners (advertising posts, links, etc.). Again, this way you can either work for your uncle (customer), or resell traffic (arbitrage) yourself.
  7. Email mailing is a whole art with the help of a series of letters to sell something or to attract traffic to the direction you need. This includes all the unloved spam , but there is no way to go, because it is simply an inexhaustible source of traffic and many work in this forbidden direction of Internet marketing.
  8. Bulletin boards (like Avito) are a great option for targeted and often free traffic. Many in the network work just according to the schemes of turning it into a specie.

What is the strength in, brother? In traffic …

Once again I want to say that if you feel that work on the Internet is yours, then I strongly recommend that you study the sources of traffic. You should at least roughly imagine what you will do and how it all works. How search engines work, how contextual or teaser advertising system works, how and what kind of traffic can be obtained from social networks, etc.

Every source of traffic needs to be studied. In fact, as in real life, before you start working on the Internet you will need to go through your “universities”. Remember that only that work is well paid, which can be performed not by every counter-peperchny, but only by a qualified specialist. And the less such specialists there are, the more you can receive.

In the same place where you don’t need to think, don’t need to study, everything is simpler there, but there’s not much money either (although I’ll tell you about this type of online work at the end of this publication). But to become an expert in some field of online marketing means to provide yourself with a guaranteed job for the future. Whether you will work for yourself or for an uncle (freelancer) is not important. It is important that this will be in demand and will bring good money.

Understanding where, from where and how you can get traffic, you will always be in charge. Do not want to monetize your skills yourself – look for customers who need this kind of traffic (among friends or on freelance exchanges ).

Finally, create infoprodukta on this topic, conduct online seminars, coaching, training, individual training. At the same time, the amount of your salary will not be limited by anything and you can achieve such financial success that you don’t even dream of at the initial stage.

Here you have hundreds of options for working on the Internet. The main thing is that it was claimed, because everyone needs customers. And customers are primarily the ability to attract the desired target traffic, which can be easily converted into sales (I somehow even wrote about such a thing as a sales funnel ).

So how do you start a job search on the Internet for a beginner?

To begin with, you will need to decide on what areas of work there are at all, and roughly imagine that you would like to try this out.

If you do not understand or do not have a penchant for it all, then study the sources of traffic. This is a universal tip. You can say – a panacea for lack of money. If you are familiar with at least one source of traffic, then comfortable living on the network will be provided for you. Consider that you will have a demanded and well-paid specialty.

Now there are very few educational institutions preparing such specialists, and the demand for their services is huge (unlimited, one might say). Customers need everyone, and the farther, the more. And people who can attract ready paymentable customers are worth their weight in gold. Therefore, study the sources of traffic and this can be considered as a universal answer to the question of how to start a search for work on the network.

Also on the Internet, not only are experts able to attract traffic, but also experts who can generate natural traffic or who are able to increase its conversion into sales. This includes content managers, web analytics, usernamelists, social network managers, and site auditors. There are many options, but everything is again tied to traffic – either to its best attraction, or to its best conversion.

But I would also advise you to listen to yourself. What is closer to you? What are you dreaming about? What do you want? What do you do best? I will give an example of myself. I was always good at writing essays ; bring together disparate information obtained from different sources. I am from this “perlo” and that is what I am doing now in the pages of this blog.

But to answer directly what exactly you should do, in order to finally quit the hateful offline job and start a successful career online, nobody can. Slightly above, I made sketches, and it’s hard to tell if they’ll catch you or not. In any case, if you do not want and are not ready to learn, then online marketing will be closed for you. In this case, there remains only a one-time part-time job in the network to maintain pants, which I will briefly mention below.

Options for a side job on the Internet without investment

As I already mentioned, the Internet is not a wonderland. Money here is not taken from the air, and therefore there will be no freebies. You either study long and hard, then go long and hard to your goal without any guarantees to reach it. Or do not learn at all, but get a penny.

If you came to this page just to find out how to find a small part- time job on the network , then just for you I will list more or less working options:

  1. Part-time work in social networks – like, share a post, add as a friend, subscribe to a channel, join a group and the like. Everyone has social network accounts and there will be nothing bad if you are still on them and earn some money.
  2. Surveys with payment – spend a dozen other minutes to pass simple surveys. Pay here are those who conduct social research. If you have free time, it will be the most.
  3. Text exchanges – if there is a tendency to paperwork, then you can either earn some money, or get a permanent and even well-paid job. The latter is not possible for everyone, but only for craftsmen and workaholics. And this is probably the best option in terms of prospects.
  4. Paid reviews – everything is sold on the Internet and everything is bought. Even reviews. There are services that pay for writing reviews about products, services and other things. Again, if there is time and desire, you are welcome.
  5. A side job on installing applications – it is important for application developers to have as many downloads and uses of their products as possible, which means they are willing to pay for it. If you have a smartphone and a little time – go ahead.
  6. Bitcoin taps – just pay for visiting the site. Not much, but there are a lot of such sites and something can be obtained in return for the time spent.
  7. Exchange freelancing for beginners – there is no need to know programming, web design, etc. There are a bunch of tasks available to most untrained users. From the unpleasant – there is a small fee “for entering the club,” but this is not the case when you are then thrown. Apparently, they are trying in this way to draw in newcomers to the process so that they do not leave earlier than at least beat off the entrance fee.
  8. Differently different. For example, money for deciphering captcha and for installing the application in your browser . Again, you get a little money, but you don’t need to think, learn, and you can immediately receive money without waiting for long months to promote a content project.

Good luck to you! See you soon on the pages of the blog

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